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Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014

Running communications as a business - Simon Jones

In my view traditional evaluation around reach and influence now plays secondary to far more insightful evaluation on how communications is reducing demand on the public purse and increasing outcomes from the available resources.

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Tuesday, 4 Feb 2014

Let's get digital! - James Gilbert

A colleague and I were fortunate to secure a place on the over-subscribed social media seminar organised by LGComms, which took place in Nottingham on January 30, 2014.

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Tuesday, 4 Feb 2014

Being Social, staying legal - Emma Roots

Potential legal meltdown followed by a humiliating dismissal for publishing the wrong thing was a familiar fear in my days as a trainee reporter.

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Sunday, 20 Oct 2013

Sean Larkins - Town Halls and Whitehall united in purpose

This month the Cabinet Office announced plans to replace the current network of government communicators with a Government Communication Service (GCS). Rather than just a shiny new name plate on Whitehall, the change is part of on-going plans to ensure that the government communication profession is – well – professional.

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Friday, 11 Oct 2013

Building Trust: Action Plan

Building Trust doc launched

The Building Trust project aims to help local authorities work more effectively with local people, their own staff and the wide range of groups and organisations that make up our local communities. The action plan report examines how local government has used communication in the pursuit of its goals and analyses what has worked.

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