10.45 - 11.30am

Engage: Transforming the way we communicate with citizens

Catherine Hunt, Head of Insight and Evaluation and Jamie McKittrick, Head of Evaluation, Government Communications Service; Rob Irvine, Manchester Evening News

This session will look at how you can use data to improve standards of insight and evaluation for your organisation. It will include how one newspaper group uses real-time data to develop content that its audience likes and consumes.


Social customer services

Darren Caveney, comms2point0; and Stuart Banbery from SocialSignIn

The latest research shows that 93% of councils have not embedded social media into their customer services management processes yet enquiries are up 78% in the past 12 months. Learn how others have tackled this growing issue and join the conversation on the future of social customer services.


Social Customer Services presentations

Introduction to Strategic Engagement / External Affairs

Suzanne Edmond, Deputy Director Communications, Strategy and External Affairs, Department for Transport

Third-party advocacy is vital as trust declines and we can no longer rely on media and advertising alone to get our messages across. You will learn about why we have external affairs in government and some of the work we do to help identify and engage with stakeholders.

Intro to Strategic Engagement presentation

Campaign Planning 101

Pinky Badhan, Head of Campaigns, No 10/Cabinet Office

This session, run by one of the Government’s leading campaigns experts, is a guide to creating world class communication campaigns using the OASIS planning model.


Campaign planning 101 presentation

Digital Marketing: What is programmatic and what does it tell us about the future of communications?

Nicky Jackson, Deputy Head of Campaigns, GCS Local

What is programmatic and why is it accounting for a bigger and bigger slice of our media budgets? We'll be covering all of those questions and more in this masterclass session.


What is programmatic presentation

11.45 - 12.45

Applying behavioural principles to your campaigns – the basics

David Watson, Head of Marketing, Public Health England

This session introduces the GCS approach to behaviour change, the EAST model and discusses how to make sure you apply best behavioural practice to your communications.


Applying behavioural principles presentation

12.00 - 13.00

Communication leadership in hyper modern times: insights from two research studies

Professor Paul Willis, University of Huddersfield and Professor Ralph Tench, Leeds Beckett University

This masterclass is run by two of the UK's leading academics in the field of corporate communication. Both will discuss research which explores the particular leadership challenges confronting professional communicators. Paul's insights are drawn from a programme of in-depth interviews with UK Directors of Communication working in the public and private sectors, while Ralph's contribution will explore the key findings generated by a ten year survey of European communication practitioners.


Ralph Tench's presentation

Rise of the machines - how brands can maintain authenticity and customer loyalty in an age of automation.

Kristal Ireland, Head of E-commerce and Retail, Virgin East Coast

The customer is changing and their relationship with brands and how they transact with us will never be the same again. An experienced digital leader and digital transformation specialist, Kristal Ireland will look at how the biggest brands define and deliver digital futures fit for today’s consumer – and what that may mean for the public sector.


Rise of the Machines presentation

The commercial communicator

Andy Allsopp, Head of Communications and Marketing and Karen Yates, Marketing and Brand Manager, Essex County Council; Dave Worsell, Managing Director, Granicus and Darren Caveney, cocreator, comms2point0

More and more communications teams have income targets to achieve as austerity continues to bite. This expert panel will share best practice and give you a free new white paper on the latest lessons and case studies.


The Commercial Communicator presentations

12.15 - 13.15

Leading people through change

Russell Grossman, Director of Communications, Office of Rail & Road and Head of Profession for Internal Communications, Government Communication Service

This masterclass by one of the UK’s top employee engagement experts will look at techniques, tools, tips and tricks to help lead people through change. Russell will examine the critical role of “negative engagers" and why this is almost never about “sending out stuff” but everything about behaviours and language.


Leading people through change presentation

15.00 - 16.00

The NHS and local government - are we serious about working together?

John Mcternan, former Political Secretary/Director of Political Operations at 10 Downing Street and Roger Davidson, Director of Engagement and Communications for NHS Sustainability and Transformation

A panel of leading local government and health communicators from different parts of the country talk openly and share ideas on the challenges and barriers to local government and the NHS working together more effectively to win the argument on local health reform. The panel will include John McTernan, the former director of political operations for the Blair government.


Are we serious about working together holding slides

The TV advertising revolution - low cost behaviour change campaigns using the power of television

Sky AdSmart

Find out how low cost, highly effective TV advertising can become an essential part of your campaign toolbox thanks to Sky AdSmart. This is a next generation TV advertising platform that allows your audience to be selected demographically and geographically for the same cost as a street advertising campaign with evaluation built in. Hear how the technology works, how other councils have used it and how you can use it.

The TV Advertising Revolution presentation

Building a social media strategy

Helen Reynolds, Social for the people

Helen Reynolds, who runs Social for the People, is an award-winning social media strategist who helps people engage digitally for maximum reach and impact. Helen will give you the insight, tools and knowledge to make a difference.


Social Media Strategy presentation

Lessons from the Manchester Arena bombing

Chaired by Alastair Campbell, Director of Comms, Met Police with Claire Norman, Director of Communications and Engagement, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership & Greater Manchester Combined Authority; Jen Green, Head of Strategic Communic

All three members of this expert panel were involved in managing communications in the immediate aftermath and in the weeks following the awful Manchester Arena attack. They will talk about and answer questions on their experiences, the issues around crisis communications and how a range of public organisations worked together to protect and reassure.


Lessons from Manchester presentation