Workshops, Masterclasses and Expert panels - Thursday 19 October

We have a fantastic array of workshops, masterclasses and expert panels on offer over the two days of Academy - with something for everyone, no matter what level you are at.

Please see details below of the workshops taking place on day one of Academy. There's a link to register your place at your chosen session and we would appreciate it if you could do so prior to Academy starting to give us an idea of numbers.

Please keep a record of the workshop sessions you have regsitered for. You can of course, register for a session in each of the timeslots depending on how you want to structure your day. The day is yours to learn, interact and network however you please.

For a full breakdown of the sessions over the two days please see document below.

Workshops, masterclasses and expert panels - an overview

10.45 - 11.30am

Build your resilience, be a better leader

Hayley Lewis, Founder, HALO Psychology

Why do some communications teams succeed and other teams fail? What role does the leader play in creating the optimum environment for a high performing team? This masterclass will get you rethinking your approach to leading comms teams and working with and influencing other leaders in your organisation.

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Build your resilience, be a better leader presentation

Your biggest comms challenges tackled

Emma Rodgers, Strategic Manager (Communications and Marketing), Stoke-on-Trent City Council and Darren Caveney, co-Creator, comms2point0

Using the free app pre and during Academy we will identify the biggest challenges facing public sector communicators in 2017 and crowd-source ideas, solutions and answers live in the room.

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Using Social Media for Social Good - How to listen, understand and act effectively

Jamie Baker, Georgia Unsworth and Robyn Western of the GCS Local Centre of Digital Excellence

This expert panel will look at how social media listening has evolved, how some of the key tools can be used and highlight some key case studies that show how social media can go much further than traditional likes and impressions. Inevitably there will be cats.

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Using social media for social good presentation

Presenting with Impact: a Public Speaking masterclass

Alex Aiken, Executive Director of Government Communication, Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office (UK Government)

Alex Aiken is one of the UK’s best and most successful communicators, who has led a renaissance in the way public sector organisations communicate and engage. He is also a great speaker and presenter, and in this masterclass will help you find the compelling communicator within you.

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Using story telling in the public sector

Tony Quinlan, chief story teller, Narrate Consulting

Humans have been telling stories for years; from the first drawings by cave dwellers to the story we tell to get children to sleep at night. This session will help you better understand how story telling can be used to explain your organisation’s corporate narrative.

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11.45 - 12.45

Make or break digital trends - the innovations you can’t afford to ignore

Karen Murrell, Head of Partnership Marketing - Public Sector, Public Health England

Fed up of being asked to create endless apps or implement the latest digital craze? Need to convince colleagues you’ve got your finger firmly on the pulse of digital innovation? Come and join Public Health England for this fast and furious look at the big trends that could really help the public sector achieve its goals.

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Make or break digital trends presentation

The campaigning mindset masterclass

Claire Pimm, Head of Campaigns, Prime Minister's Office and Cabinet Office

Campaigning is not broadly recognised or understood in the public sector. Using case studies and Claire’s extensive public and private sector experience, this masterclass will show how you can become committed and influential campaigners and create great campaigns.

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12.00 - 13.00

Are you sitting comfortably? Who's responsible for telling a company's story and what role does it play in employee engagement?

Dr. Kevin Ruck, editor and co-author of Exploring Internal Communication and Sue Kiddy, editor, internal communication consultant, journalist and storyteller

Dr. Kevin Ruck and Sue Kiddy will co-present this session which will cover the communication role of senior managers in organisational engagement and Sue's own project work which includes storytelling in action, channels, employee voice and impact on engagement. This masterclass will discuss practical tips for developing storytelling that has a real impact on engagement.

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Are you sitting comfortably presentation

Producing high-quality video with nothing more than a smartphone

Andy Carter, Head of Communications, City of York Council and Laurie Philp, Smugshot Video

If you own a smartphone, you possess a miniature video production tool in your hand. In this seminar masterclass, Andy will show you how to use the device to record, edit and publish content to the web or social media. Laurie will share tips on how to make sure you look good and sound great in every video you produce. Videos made during the workshop will be entered in a competition to win a cash prize!

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Video skills workshop presentation

Telling the story of your place to create growth

Brendan Moffett, CEO, Marketing Nottingham; Jacqui Gay, Head of Communications and City Communications Lead, UK City of Culture; Phil Batty, Director of Public Engagement & Legacy, Hull UK City of Culture 2017 and DCMS with 'Great Exhibition of the North'

Hear how two cities have grown their own brand value proposition and attracted growth and investment and understand the deep layers that are needed to shape place making authentically.

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Telling the story of your place presentaton

The TV advertising revolution

Sky AdSmart

One of our main sponsors will outline its approach to digital television advertising which levels the playing field, so businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the advertising impact of TV. Find out how it has worked for the NHS locally, for example, and how it could work for you.

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The TV Advertising Revolution presentation

13.15 - 14.00

Back to the future: 100 years of Government Comms – what are the lessons? panel discussion

From First World War roots to the GCS, town hall and public health- government communicators have faced the biggest challenges in communications. This panel discussion will look at the lessons from history through classic campaigns that can be applied to today, as well as looking to the future and what comes next for government communications.

This session take place at lunchtime.  You can register here but please do join us even if you haven't registered.

15.00 - 16.00

The future of government communications: how can we better engage with citizens?

Iain Bundred, Managing Director, WPP Government and Public Sector Practice

Public policy cannot be delivered successfully without effective communication. Yet research carried out in 40 countries by WPP’s Government & Public Sector Practice finds that government communication leaders are struggling to combat declining levels of public trust, and lack the ability to keep pace with how citizens communicate and engage in the 21st century. So, in a’ post truth’, ‘post democratic’ age, what are the key attributes of successful public communication? And what are the challenges that face us in the years ahead?

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New Conversations – building better engagement with communities

David Evans, Director, The Campaign Company and Polly Cziok, Head of Communications and Consultation, London Borough of Hackney

Closer and better engagement will be crucial as public bodies make difficult decisions about services and change behaviour. This session will cover everything from the principles of consulting effectively to improving public trust using practical and real examples of engagement in action.

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How can strategic employee communications support transformation and change

Speakers from Wigan, Chester and Brent Councils and the Local Government Association

Public service is transforming to meet the changing needs of residents and the communities it serves. With advice on to communicate with staff during times of crisis or change, representatives will give first-hand experience of the benefits of strategic internal communications for organisations operating in the new world required for public services.

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How can strategic employee comms support transformation and change presentations

Effective campaigns showcase

Nottingham City Council, Hertfordshire County Council, NHS Arden and Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit, GCS Local

From winter flu to increasing turnout for a Mayoral election, some of the country's leading practitioners will take you through how they developed and delivered effective campaigns that made a difference to residents. What went right and what lessons were learned?

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Effective Campaigns showcase presentation

Effective campaigns showcase - Nottingham presentation

Effective campaigns showcase - Hertfordshire presentation

The changing media landscape

Tim Singleton, Director of Communications, Department for International Development and Nick Golding, Editor, Local Government Chronicle

The media landscape has changed out of all recognition over the last few years and will continue to shift fast. As technology increases the speed of communications, the way we interact with the media also changes. Two experts at the cutting edge of these changes will give you insight into the developments ahead and challenge your thinking.

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The Changing Media Landscape presentations