Congratulations to the 2016/17 Future Leaders

Stephen Arnold – Head of Marketing, Birmingham City Council 

Greg Burns – Acting Deputy Head of News and Internal Communications, Local Government Association 

Lynn Cochrane – Senior Public Relations Officer, Midlothian Council 

Karen Jeal – Senior Media Officer, Gravesham Borough Council

Gina Conde – Marketing Manager, Westco Trading Ltd

Euan Duguid – Communications Officer, South Lanarkshire Council 

Jane Ball – Strategic Communications Adviser, Hackney Council

Louise Brown – Strategy, Communications and Engagement Manager, Islington Council 

Andrew Brunt – Media Relations Manager, Stoke-on-Trent City Council 

Shirah Bamber – Senior Communications Officer, Preston Council 

Nancy Benson – Account Executive, Westminster City Council 

Helen Card – Communications Account Manager, West Sussex County Council 

David Green – Senior Communications Officer, Brent Council 

Geoff Cowart – Head of Corporate Communications, Hammersmith and Fulham Council

Nicola Lenden – Transformation Communications Lead - Plymouth Council 

Future Leaders Programme

Covering everything from the basic principles of good communication to spending time at the LGA, to being involved in peer reviews and involvement at the LGcommunications Academy the Future Leaders programme is designed to give variety and access to knowledge and experience across local government. Participants have the opportunity to spend time learning about what is now important to Leaders and Chief Executives and understand the role communications teams need to play in delivering their agenda.

Aimed at deputy heads of communications, and those with the potential to be heads of communications of the future, what we particularly look for are those communications professionals with the commitment to get involved with the network and the dedication to attend the wide variety of seminars and workshops.

With tougher financial settlements ahead our ability to communicate with local people, staff and other partners will be placed at the forefront of the challenge faced by our organisations. It has never been more important that as communications professionals we have the skills and credibility necessary to win the trust of the decision makers. Future Leaders’ is not only about getting communications practitioners to the top table – it is about giving them the skills to stay there and make a real difference and inform the policy directions of our organisations.

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