Welcoming home the Champions League winners

Liverpool Football Club homecoming courtesy BBC.jpg

When Liverpool Football Club won the Champions League, Liverpool City Council set its media plan into motion to welcome home the team, inform the public and ensure the victory route went without a hitch.

Posted on 14th June 2019

Defining moments in your comms career...

light bulb moment.gif

You don’t think it’s a good idea.. so your task is to change your boss's mind.

Posted on 7th June 2019

Childhood obesity in Leeds – a success story shared


Obesity is newsworthy, and for Leeds City Council, childhood obesity was very newsworthy this month. A good news story for the city with a huge media profile, how did Leeds City Council promote this work? Phil Morcom led communications for the council and explains the background.


Posted on 24th May 2019

Opening the doors to Panorama (4 comments)


Mark Ford, Service Manager for Communications at Somerset County Council, reveals what it was like to participate in a Panorama investigation into social care – and why it is important to tell the story of a system in crisis.

Posted on 21st May 2019

Elections and all that

Ballot box.jpg

With the dust settling on the local elections, Andy Allsopp reflects on how colleagues are adjusting to their council’s new political complexions

Posted on 7th May 2019

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