66 nuggets Darren Caveney picked up at #ComsAcad

We're lucky enough at LGComms to count Darren Caveney, half of Comms2point0, as a member of our Executive Committee. Even though #ComsAcad 2014 was a couple of weeks ago, we're still reflecting on what went well, and what we could improve for #ComsAcad 2015.




Posted on 23rd June 2014

What I learned from ComsAcad 2014

I’m a postgraduate PR student at Manchester Metropolitan University and I was lucky enough to attend day one of the recent Public Sector Communications Academy 2014 in Manchester.

At a time when public sector communicators are challenged to do more with less and change is at every turn, it was a terrific opportunity to learn more about issues facing the industry.

Hardly a session went by without discussion of digital’s role in communications, illustrating its importance that is set to increase in the future. But what does that mean for communicators? Here are six things I learned. 

Posted on 18th June 2014

Warning: these three mistakes could derail your communications strategy.

Communications professionals in the public sector increasingly work in an environment of high expectations and low resources. Having a robust government-to-citizen communications plan in place is not optional, it is crucial. This is where digital can help - but only if you do it right from the start.

In the first of several blogs following 2014’s LGComms Academy, Dave Worsell from GovDelivery talks us through these top three mistakes and how to avoid them.


Posted on 13th June 2014