A crystal ball for communications


By Emma Rodgers

At commscamp 15 last week, I pitched a session on the future of communications teams.

We all know that the model of communications has changed massively. People now have the ability to have their voice heard more than ever before. It means traditional communications models can fall well short and that we need to be up for listening, engaging and acting on what communities and others are telling us.

I was keen to hear what good stuff people are doing and what ideas they had for the future of communications teams in this context. Made all the more helpful for me as I grapple with what is coming down the track for a head of communications in a unitary local authority.

Posted on 16th July 2015

FFS, I just want a leaflet - stories from #CommsCamp15


By Kate Holmes

When I read the CommsCamp blurb, “we’re an unconference”, I rolled my eyes. Sitting on the train on the way up to Birmingham I had visions of icebreakers, energisers and horrifying trust exercises.

I will now only be attending unconferences. It’s a real word and a real thing – Google it.


Posted on 15th July 2015

Have we lost the plot?


By Julian Ellerby

We’ve all seen the signs. The signs I’m talking about are those that you see when entering an authority usually sitting at the side of some roundabout. They tend to have the name and then some catchy slogan about opportunity, ambitions, great lives and other worthy and dare I say slightly meaningless statements. However they are written and presented with good intent. They are there to symbolise the status that a place represents and the values of the people who might lead the place or at least live and work there. But this is my angst.

Posted on 15th July 2015

What's your best work?

best work.jpg

By Darren Caveney

I recently had the opportunity to present some day job work to a panel of awards judges. And it got me thinking about what I thought had been my best work ever. The projects which I’d enjoyed most, had delivered the best results, or just given a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

A few sprang to mind...

Posted on 15th July 2015