What’s your return per day?

This is not to be confused with “what’s your day rate?”.

It’s a question that may be being asked of your comms team or of you by people making decisions about future spending plans at your council. The longer version is: “Given what we spend on communications, what are we getting for our money that is useful and which we could not in these stringent times afford to live without?”.

The key with all difficult questions that may be asked of you is to think about the answer before it’s asked.

Posted on 16th February 2017

What I would have told a younger me


We’re just one month into 2017 and we’re already seen tough challenges for communicators following on from the post truth world of 2016. Seismic changes in the political landscape in the UK and US, disengagement with experts, even more technological advances in how we consume information have made us rethink how we do our job. Professional communicators across all sectors in both this country and beyond are working to understand this change in relationships with our publics, the moral compass organisations need to be guided by and what truths we need to make sure are heard by those in charge.

Posted on 6th February 2017