Survey: tell us about your skills and resources


LGcomms, working with our sponsors Panacea Software, is interested in understanding your views on the skills, resources and tools that your team has in place.

Posted on 16th August 2019

BLOG: How Essex County Council is using social media to create cohesive communities


In the ever-morphing world of social, going where the eyeballs are still resonates as a particularly sage bit of advice, but one that, regrettably, some councils still don’t heed, says Andy Allsopp.

Posted on 16th August 2019

Satisfaction with councils maintained despite some turbulence

Resident satisfaction with local councils is holding up despite uncertainty around council budgets and Brexit, the latest LGA research shows.

Posted on 7th August 2019

BLOG: When to say yes, whether to say no and how to change the conversation


Failure is a great teacher - but with increasing pressures on reducing budgets there may be less latitude for this than there might once have been, says Mark Fletcher-Brown

Posted on 2nd August 2019