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It’s the 1st of October and the launch of the Stoptober Campaign for not having the public health agenda in mind, so there can’t be any excuse this week for not having public health comms on your schedule.

With that in mind, I want to look at one of the few actual examples of how a central government department is letting us country cousins take the lead and influence a comms and marketing agenda.

The good news is, the centre is listening.

I’ll just repeat that.

The centre is listening.

Last week I attended the meeting of a small but select advisory group, including PHE marketers, Penny Thompson, Chief Exec of Brighton and Hove City Council and David Holdstock who is Director of Comms at the LGA, chaired by Professor Kevin Fenton, Director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England.

The advisory group is PHE’s sounding board and they are all ears in terms of the input they want from you.

They have a very solid strategy (soon to be shared) and a strong campaign roster which will improve, especially with your input – more on that in a tick.

Stoptober is a good example of the way PHE look to be developing their campaigns. Originally a way of extending National Stop Smoking day into something more valuable in terms of behaviour change, it’s got traction and the figures in terms of successful quit attempts are good.

PHE is now looking at similar templates for alcohol in the New Year, having noticed the success of the charity based ‘go dry’ campaigns (remember Cancer Research’s Dryathlon campaign from January this year?)

Adding to the successful Change 4 Life roster is a new initiative for January called Smart Swaps, encouraging people (with a particular focus on young people) to swap unhealthy options for less fat and calorie laden food.

There is also a very promising regional structure, with the first regional marketing leads about to come into role.

Your first chance to get stuck in to this agenda is next week.

PHE are running some forward planning workshops, where they will be in listening mode as well as sharing plans for the January 2014 Smokefree Health Harms and January 2014 Change4Life healthy swaps campaigns. They also want to discuss:

  • learning and feedback from summer and autumn 2013 campaigns,
  • how best we can support attendees to integrate the campaigns across local authorities, and
  • national marketing plans for the 2014/15 financial year

Dates and venues are:

Leeds : Tuesday 8th Oct 09:30 for 10am start 4pm close, The Met, Leeds

Bristol: Thursday 10th Oct 09:30 for 10am start 4pm close, Radisson Blu Hotel, Bristol

Birmingham: Monday 14th October, 09:30 for 10am start 4pm close, PHE Centre, 5 St Philips Place, Birmingham, B3 2PW

London: Wednesday 16th October, 09:30 for 10am start 4pm close, Thistle City, Barbican

More details on 020 7972 1664

Andy Allsopp, Head of Communications, Hounslow Council

Posted on 3rd October 2013