Do you want to take part in the LGinsight Day @ LGcomms Academy?

Last year the LGinsight Day at the Academy was extremely well received and we want to make this year bigger and better. In particular we want to showcase the work your authority has done in understanding the needs of residents, staff and other audiences. This might be as a full conference presentation or as a workshop.

There are three areas we are particularly interested in. The first are authorities that have taken a creative approach to community or staff engagement, and in particular how they have used research to support them through change. The second are those who have evaluated behaviour change and can show it works (rather than just provide a run-through of the theory). The third is how authorities have used our polling with Populus to benchmark their own findings and understand the needs of the public more.

Throughout the whole day we are looking for example of moving research from being just something interesting to being integral to the decision-making process of the organisation and in delivering better communications. We would welcome other ideas for the day and also if you cannot take part recommendations of people or organisations you think should.

If you have any ideas please contact Neil Wholey by Thursday 22nd December.  

Posted on 2nd December 2011