Do you want your next campaign video produced for free?

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Smugshot Video Productions are offering the opportunity to one lucky LGcommunications member to have a video produced for an upcoming campaign (up to a value of 10K).

The idea is that LGcomms and Smugshot will follow the story: blogging and reporting along the way. The whole process will be followed through commissioning, planning, delivery and results, to show the power of video in the communications mix. At next year’s LGcomms conference, we will share our learning and show your video.

The sort of partner organisation we are looking for is:

  • Those who have not yet commissioned a professional video.
  • They may have already produced some in-house video projects, and are now ready to start exploring the value of professional video in their communications mix.
  • People who are friendly, co-operative and don't mind being filmed occasionally for feedback and to tell the story.
  • Any size of organisation is eligible.

How to apply

If you think this could benefit you - send us just one side of A4 and give us a brief description of the project you would like to undertake and tell us a little bit about your organisation.

Entries must be submitted no later than Friday 22nd December.

To enter please email us at

Posted on 6th December 2017


I am the marketing communications officer for Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service. We are the country's largest non-metropolitan fire and rescue service. We have been building a campaign around Home Safety Visits (HSV's). As part of our community safety remit we offer fire safety advice to our customers in their own homes. Using data intelligence we target our resources at the most vulnerable in our society to make best use of our resources and to ensure we reach those who most need our help. Our campaign is in full swing and to date has included livery, printed materials, animation and the creation of a mascot to name a few. We don't have in-house video capability and we would love the opportunity to produce a video to let our public know what a HSV entails to add to the life saving, valuable work we do. Many Thanks Rebecca Painter

Posted by Rebecca Painter on 13th December 2017 at 02:16pm

Did you know that the email link doesn't work. I have a project to submit but don't know where to send it!

Posted by Christne Birchall on 13th December 2017 at 02:30pm

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