Future Leaders: learning what kind of leader you are


When I joined local government as a Communications Assistant, not knowing where my new job would take me, my head of comms inspired me to want her job. Since joining Future Leaders, I now want Alex Aiken’s job. I can see myself being the Executive Director for Government Communications one day.

The LGcommunications Future Leaders programme has exposed me to a brilliant bunch of new colleagues and a supportive network that extends throughout the country. The group is made up of people with a variety of experiences, but we all have one similar goal - to progress.

We’ve heard from some of the greats in the industry. It’s been said that if you’re in a room with people who don’t slightly scare you (in a good way) then you’re in the wrong room. The people I’ve met and listened to through the programme have inspired and professionally reassured me.

During a trip to Leeds we heard from the very knowledgeable Professor Paul Willis, from Huddersfield Business School. I learned there are many forms of leadership and we can move between them. I recognised the type of leader I am at the moment - how I currently lead in different situations - and I learned what I want to become.

As a group, we acknowledged that our team members might work best with certain types of leaders, and we might not, as individuals, fall into the leadership style our colleagues need or want us to. This was a great reminder that the type of leaders we are can really affect our fellow team members - and we need to be mindful of that in different situations.

I’ve also learned just because people are fantastic communicators, and even managers, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re great leaders. Future Leaders has shown me the difference.

It’s been such great timing to be on the programme for me personally because it coincided with me starting a new leadership role. I’ve been on a really steep learning curve for the last six months.

Future Leaders has reassured me that that I’m on the right career path, and given me the motivation I need to jump into the next opportunity - whatever that might be.

So if you know you want to become a leader within communications in local government or wider but don’t know yet how you’re going to get there, check out Future Leaders.

Kelsey Stubbs, Communications and Engagement Lead, West Sussex County Council

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Posted on 1st March 2018