I hope my seminar helps you make the grade


Earlier this month, Essex CC’s Andy Allsopp delivered a seminar on how to add commercial sharpness to your marketing.

My wife is a headteacher at a primary school, and I found myself wondering how she might grade me if she was doing an ‘observation’ of the LGcomms workshop on traded marketing I helped lead up in Leeds recently.

(Teachers, incidentally, generally hate observations. They are a fact of life in their world, but not mine, for which I am very grateful).

I would hope I’d rate more than ‘adequate’, although I suspect she might tell me I needed to improve my inputs to the class.

Happily enough the feedback from the session we held was pretty good.

It’s a workshop I really love doing, because it really is a classroom experience, and properly involves delegates in working out marketing (and sales, if there is time) strategies before presenting them in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ finale. No sitting back and letting the powerpoint presentation wash over you in this session.

But what are we teaching? Well, basically, Essex County Council’s tried and tested framework approach to marketing traded services. Everything you need to know to be an effective marketeer in this field is in there – top to bottom.

It’s something Essex has worked with councils up and down the country on, as part of our wider consultancy offer supporting councils to trade and turn in a surplus. Caroline Adlem, who is our Head of Traded and Commercial Development (and also, wearing the T shirt, runs the Essex Outdoors traded service for my council) is brilliant to work with and an amazing tutor.

Thanks to LGcomms, we take the Essex approach out on the road once a year, and it’s free to members. We are already thinking about where we hold next year’s session (happy to listen to any bids if you’d like to host us), and meantime, putting on a bite sized ‘taster’ at this year LGcomms Academy in Manchester.

If you or your council has income targets to achieve, it’s a must-attend. But if not, and you’d just like to introduce some commercial sharpness to your marketing, it’ll add real value.

I look forward to seeing you in class soon.

View the presentation from the workshop

Posted on 2nd May 2019