Jane Edwards: Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs


Jane Edwards is a Communications Manager working on Strategy and Special Projects at Sheffield City Council

We use social networks to 'out' footballers and their sexual misdemeanours and then traditional media exploits the opportunity - and bear in mind that c.50% of traditional copy originates from the internet.

But the law limps along - stuck in a time warp - trying to make something enforceable that is unenforceable. The same social networks can be utilised for much more serious matters.

I'm going to Tunisia in the morning. What the Tunisians have done with social media http://tinyurl.com/3f578kk is inspiring - giving us a different perspective on the power of social media and its impact. What we can learn from this is that it's not possible to shut communications down on the internet - it always backfires.

As a speaker said at the LGcomms Academy last week it's not a case of peddling faster, we need to radically change the way that we work.


Posted on 31st May 2011



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