Make time for Academy 2019

How many of you have set your training plans for the year? Hopefully - the answer is all of you.

I know that when I look at individual personal development plans (PDRs) of my team at the beginning of the year, I make sure I agree their objectives and use them to measure how they have done year-end.

Clearly, an important element is the focus on continued improvement and development that comes from training. This is why the yearly Academy is so important.

Once again, I am sure you have noticed that LG Comms will be holding its annual Academy. This year it will be in Manchester on 5 and 6 November 2019.

We were pleased to see that feedback from last year was extremely positive. We also know that many said that this was the only training they got all year. This is both good and bad.

The good is that Academy is recognised as a must for development and worth spending some of your budgets on. As mentioned above, it is sometimes the only training people go to, so it is also good that many of you feel that you get what you need from those tightly focused two days.

The bad is that many of you are often unable to attend any other training or development because of lack of budgets, lack of time due to workloads or lack of support from your manager.

Book your place at Academy 2019

This is why we try to make sure that we meet a broad range of objectives without losing the overall need to make us better professionals - covering everything from the tactical to strategic. This includes offering practical examples of how good comms is delivered.

Hearing from the best in our industry, we will in particular focus on the challenges of the times. This includes:

  • how to reach and talk to our communities with cutting edge communications
  • handling misinformation
  • changing people’s behaviours, for example - reducing knife crime
  • how to be a good leader
  • how to use technology to reach our audiences.

This is just a taster - but Academy is much more than workshops and seminars. It is also an opportunity to network and talk to your peers and find out that they have similar challenges.

It is an opportunity to build relationships for future collaboration or problem solving.

And, it is an opportunity to give you some new skills or ratify that you are simply doing a great job! You can also take some time-out to have the odd drink and maybe have a bit of fun too.

I know I have benefited from Academy, I hope you do too.

So I look forward to seeing you there.

Marcus Chrysostomou is Vice Chair of LG Comms and Academy lead organiser

Posted on 30th July 2019