My job in five gifs

Sarah Yates - also known as @haribohats - is Corporate Communications Manager at Broxtowe Borough Council. Here is her job in five gifs...


1. Multi-tasking

As a Comms Manager in a small team of two, I’m permanently juggling at least 17 balls at once, from social media content to press and media, improving the website, advising on communications to senior officers, helping devise communications campaigns, helping run events, strategising…the list goes on. It means no day is every the same and that’s one of the things I love most about my job.


2. You can’t beat that feeling of making a difference

We can get a lot of criticism in local government but I’ve always found that people who work in this sector genuinely care about what they do and why they do it. It’s great to work in that sort of environment and that feeling when a member of the public says thank you or tells you that the work you have done/helped another service area do has made a difference to them really is hard to beat.


3. Being creative

My job often involves coming up with creative solutions to a problem or challenge or thinking of a new way to engage people. This can mean taking risks and being prepare to put forward an idea that may not be well received. This is where good negotiation and persuasion skills come in to play. I recently came up with a snakes and ladders game for staff to help them work out if they had completed all the steps needed to be ready for communications material to be produced and even I questioned my sanity for a bit but with the help of my graphic designer, it all came to life and I’m really excited to launch it next week.


4. Sometimes, it's hard

Things inevitably go wrong sometimes and its often my team who have to pick up the pieces. It’s often these times where you get the best development opportunities, as a communications professional and also as a person. You act, you learn and you move on to the next challenge.


5. Team work

Yes it’s a massive cliché but coming to work to a great team every day, having fun along the way really does make all the difference and I couldn’t do it without them.


Posted on 25th July 2018