#OurDay 2019 – the emotional, the brilliant and the funny

Last week #OurDay returned and it returned with a bang. Councils once again flocked to social media in their hundreds and posted over 24,000 tweets to shout about all of their big achievements from the past year and highlight the great work of their unsung heroes.

Councils really upped their game this year with even more engaging, creative, and funny posts which gave people a glimpse into the lives of those keeping our communities running.

I enjoyed them so much (I love my job) I wanted to revisit them and share with you my favourite videos from #OurDay 2019. Here goes…

The emotional

Whittling this list down was genuinely really difficult (and I apologise if your council didn’t make my cut, please don’t hate me) but I have to give a shout out to one story which really did hit me in the feels…

Introducing Ollie and Michelle’s story. They were nearly denied their winter wedding due to 6 feet of snow (… in March! I mean how British does the weather want to be?). That is until registrars Anthony and Lyn overcame the odds by listing the help of a local farmer to clear the roads and get the show back on the road. A brilliant story!


Northhumberland CC tweet

The brilliant

Drum roll please… And the Ben Murray award for brilliant OurDay video goes to… South Holland District Council!

For me South Holland District Council’s ‘Some People Say’ video really epitomised what #OurDay is all about. This tongue in cheek video managed to highlight all of the work the council’s unsung heroes do with a hint of comedic value. It really is great to see council’s going above and beyond to engage staff in their content and give them their moment in the spotlight. The video brilliantly shows councils are all about local people.

Well done South Holland, I salute you.


South Holland DC tweet

The funny

I have to give the funny award to Calderdale with their tour of council services. I actually don’t think this one needs much explanation… just watch.

Calderdale Council tweet


There you have it - my top three #OurDay 2019 videos! Until next year…

Ben Murray is a Digital, Campaigns and Marketing Adviser at the Local Government Association



Posted on 29th November 2019