Understanding Our Residents - improving the lives of six key customer groups

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Neil Wholey and William Harrison, Westminster City Council

Posted on 28th May 2011

Stephen Barker: Nottingham pioneers cost-cutting council communication tool

Nottingham is launching Portfolio, an innovative web portal that allows public sector organisations to share marketing materials

Posted on 24th May 2011

Experts call for £200m saving on public notices

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LGcomms wants to see local authorities given more freedom to advertise statutory notices.

Posted on 10th May 2011

How residents' views of councils are changing

Neil Wholey, Chair of LGinsight

Posted on 28th February 2011

Former Fleet Street editor critical of new council publicity code

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Former Fleet Street editor and professor of journalism Roy Greenslade has criticised plans to introduce a new local authority publicity code, which places restrictions on the frequency of council publications.

Posted on 22nd February 2011

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