Five things I learnt running #OurDay

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Reaching over 28 million people around the world, with over 11,000 tweets highlighting the day-to-day work of council staff and elected members, 2018’s #OurDay was once again a huge success. 

Posted on 5th December 2018

Blog: 'My teenager's musical epiphany is lesson in communicating with hard to reach groups' (469 comments)


As we come to the end of a busy year in Wandsworth, our thoughts are already turning to 2019 and a New Year of communications priorities, campaigns and activity.

Posted on 4th December 2018

Does size matter with your budget for foster carer recruitment?


Given the clear benefits of being able to place more children with local, council-registered foster carers so they live closer to their friends and family, what could be more important for communication and fostering teams to get right?

Posted on 4th December 2018

On a scale of 0 – 10 how confident are you in us?


When it comes to knowing whether people have confidence in you, all too often the public sector has to fly blind. It’s hard for us to know whether the electorate, citizens or service users believe we will lead them safely into the future... unless you ask them.

Posted on 12th November 2018

Are you winning the proxy war on who is a comms expert?


As comms professionals, we are more sensitive than most to the fickle ways in which people make sense of the world.

Posted on 5th November 2018

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