Panacea - Tower Hamlets case study


When the corporate communications team in Tower Hamlets introduced Panacea Software in 2013, budget cuts were adding pressure to their already busy service. While dealing with complex changes to their own team structure, they introduced new ways of working to the council as a whole to address three primary priorities:

Introduce an effective workflow and find valuable efficienciesSecure cost savings and ensure best value across their serviceManage and strengthen the council’s brand with a strong identity

Closely monitoring its performance against these targets, the team has been able to adapt to the changing needs of the council and to constantly deliver a better service.

Continuous improvement to service and reputation

In 2013-14, the corporate team managed a full tender for a new framework contract for their print and creative services. Automating tendered price evaluation allowed the team to cut the time involved in this complex process for all concerned, including their procurement team and their suppliers, and were able to accurately identify the suppliers offering best value to the council.

The contract is managed by corporate communications, using instant live estimating to
identify and select the most competitively priced contractor for each piece of work, saving time and money for the council and its suppliers.

John Hoang, Marketing Communications Manager at Tower Hamlets Council said: "We purchased Panacea Software to create a dynamic design and print management process and to ensure we were getting best value from our suppliers. We are very pleased to have made significant cost savings for the council, but equally importantly we now have a more effective workflow, which has made our service more efficient and more capable of adapting to change.

"The performance reports and management information have allowed us to think more creatively and strategically about where best to deploy our limited resources in the team to improve our service quality and our reputation as a whole. We are now better able to control our brand and to ensure that the council projects a strong corporate identity the staff and residents can relate to.

"We are always looking to improve our reputation and to save time and money for the council. Panacea Software is flexible and is constantly developing and providing us with new opportunities to support these aims."

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Posted on 12th December 2017