Raising the bar for communications in public services | #FutureComms

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You do not need me to tell you how critical our job is. In many ways the future of public services depends on our ability to strengthen the connection between our communities and help people make decisions that can, quite literally, be life changing.

Yet, is it is a job that can be often misunderstood, and, worse, under-valued by the organisations that we represent.

That is why LGcomms, working with the LGA, Solace and PRCA, has produced a new best practice guide to local government communications, called #FutureComms.

Aimed principally at senior leaders, it is designed to show what powerful, well-thought through strategic communications can achieve if the right skills, leadership and conditions are in place.

It is also designed to highlight the areas of skills development that we all need to think about, particularly in areas like behaviour change, digital, employee engagement, community engagement and place marketing.

LGcomms is here to raise the bar for what communications can achieve in public services. We are also here to provide a skills and learning network to help improve the work that we do.

The belief that drives #FutureComms is that investment in communications will be returned many times over if the right skills, leadership and conditions in place.

I hope that it #FutureComms resonates with you and your council. I also hope that it will help you make the case for having the right resources and conditions in place to succeed.

Far from being a static product, #FutureComms will be continually updated with practical case studies and learning.

Most of all, the agenda of this year’s Public Sector Communications Academy in Birmingham on October 9 and 10 will be formed around many of the skills development themes. So, if you want to get ahead in your career by continually evolving and updating your thinking, book your place now.

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Simon Jones, Chair of LGComms

Posted on 3rd July 2018