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Cracking the Code - The new code of recommended practice on local government publicity

Cracking the Code - The new code of recommended practice on local government publicity

The government published the new Code on Recommended Practice for Local Government publicity on 31st March 2011. The Code itself has generated much publicity mainly concerning the perceived competition between local newspapers and council publications and the use of lobbyists.

PDF 227 KB 14 Mar 2014

LGcommunications updated constitution

PDF 134 KB 14 Mar 2014
Guide to Social Media

Guide to Social Media

The guide provides an educational introduction to social media and acts as a catalyst for the development of social media activity helping you to understand the challenges, opportunities and considerations through the use of detailed insight, shared best practice and illustrative case studies.

PDF 201 KB 14 Mar 2014

Building Trust Executive Summary

PDF 107 KB 15 Sep 2014

Building Trust Consultation document

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Building Trust Action Plan

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Government Communications Plan

Other useful links include: Microsite of the plan with a blog by Exec Director Alex Aiken -

PDF 6.72 MB 27 Jul 2015

Smart Comms - Creating value in a changing world

Smart Comms is not so much a how-to-survive guide for communications professionals, it’s a how-to-thrive guide, giving people the essential tools and thinking they need to succeed in the modern landscape.”

PDF 206 KB 7 Feb 2017
Be Smarter

Be Smarter

Notes and suggestions for public sector comms people by Mark Fletcher-Brown

PDF 1.64 MB 2 Nov 2017

Communicating in a crisis | 30 April 2018

This workshop enabled delegates to hear from industry experts on how to effectively manage a crisis, minimise reputation threats and ensure that the public are properly informed during a crisis. Download the presentations 'Manchester Arena terrorist attack', 'London Bridge and Borough attacks', 'What your senior leaders want / an international perspective'.

PDF 5.79 MB 2 May 2018