Comms Defining Moments

Prepare for and present challenging interventions


Define your future in communication

Success as a senior communications leader can depend on being able to manage a number of pivotal interactions successfully.

These so-called “defining moments” can include:

  • Telling truth to power
  • Working in a political environment (and being clear about where the line is)
  • Presenting to a leadership team where there may be corporate culpability
  • Briefing a senior political leader on a difficult challenge
  • Writing an advice note for the chief executive on a complex issue

This one-day workshop run by Carl Welham and Mark Fletcher-Brown will offer delegates the opportunity to prepare for and present challenging interventions.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Plan interventions
  • Get feedback on “performances”
  • Try out different approaches
  • Observe and critique others’ approaches

Comms Defining Moments will cost £114.53 per person for LGComms members and £247.46 for non-members and will take place in Birmingham on April 10th from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Carl Welham has been a Director of Communications in Nottingham, Reading, Sheffield, Bucks, Hackney, Oxford. Mark Fletcher-Brown has been a communication consultant for more than 22 years and has recently published Perceptionomics, a guide to managing perceptions.

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