Is print dead?

Where: The Liquorist, 5-7 Greek Street, Leeds, LS1 5RW
When: Thursday March 12, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

For years communication teams have been reducing the amount they spend on print. In many areas council newspapers or magazines are a thing of the past. Even the printed council tax bill is under threat.

But have we gone too far? Are we at risk of weakening the connection with large swathes of our community? If not, then what should a fully digital offer look like when it comes to skills and capability? How do we ensure that we reach everyone?

Join the discussion at what will be a lively debate in Leeds on Thursday March 12. Our panel will include experts across marketing, media and digital. The event is free to LGcomms members…. and we will even throw in a little food and drink, courtesy of our friends from the CAN (Council Advertising Network).

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