Video Skills seminars- 26 April 2018

Using a smartphone to produce good-quality video content

pexels-photo-88476 (1).jpeg

These practical sessions will show you how you can use just a smartphone to produce some good quality video content. We’ll look at some of the various apps available and the additional kit that will help you get the best out of your smartphone.

We’ll then turn our attention to basic filming techniques before we head out into the city to do some filming. When we return to base, we’ll look at basic editing and post production.

Attendees will need to have their own smartphone and be willing to pay for, and load apps onto their device. The seminar will focus on Apple devices, but Android users will be most welcome.

Where: Eastleigh, Hampshire, Lakeside Centre, Lakeside Country Park

When: Thursday 26th April from 10am-4pm